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More bad news, Nintendo of Spain is reporting the ten free GBA ambassador games that Nintendo promised for the end of this year, has been delayed until sometime next year. It kind of does make sense given that Nintendo has been so quite about them.
Nintendo has confirmed that initially the 2 player portion was a misprint and they have confirmed that it will NOT be 2 player.
In the latest Nintendo Power, they reveal that the long-awaited Rhythm Heaven Fever is coming to North America sometime during February next year. The game is currently available in Japan and will be available in Europe early next year.
On the Luigi’s Mansion 2 Nintendo of UK’s website has revealed that the game will feature a 2 player mode. No word if this will via local play or wifi.
The November 3DS update has just become the December 3DS update. Nintendo has announced that the upgrade will now be released in early December. More specifically, the new firmware will be made available before December 8. This date has been announced for Japan, but it will likely go live in North America/Europe on the same day.

Some of the features included in the update includes 3D video recording functionality, eShop improvements, and updates to the StreetPass Mii Plaza.

Nintendo apologized for the delay on their official website and appreciate everyone’s patience.

Club Nintendo members who achieved “Platinum” or “Gold” status in June will soon see their reward ship. Nintendo will send a set of 25 Mario commemorative pins to “Platinum” users while “Gold” members will be given a 2012 desk calender. I personally received this email earlier today.
According to a Toys ‘R Us ad the bundle has confirmed a North America Release. Is anybody planning on picking this up?
I will let the video do all the talking... pretty impressive though XD
1st I want to apologize for the lack of updates to the site. Lately any free time that I've had has been put into Zelda: Skyward Sword.  I also want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers and supporters! Thanks and have some great time with your family and friends... or if your by yourself have fun with your games!!! I leave you with another Thanksgiving comic :D

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