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Blood Vengeance will be included in all copies of Tekken 3D: Prime Edition. Obviously, you’ll be able to watch the whole film in 3D.
Nintendo is at the LA Auto Show and they’ve unveiled real-life and full-size karts from Mario Kart 7. There are two models, one for Mario and Luigi and they’re on display in the lobby of West Hall in the Los Angeles Convention Center between the 18th and 27th of November. You’ll be able to take your photo with the karts and also play Mario Kart 7 before it’s released on December 4th. Plus, if you’re a member of the GameStop PowerUp Rewards program, you’re able to win one of these karts. The full press release is after the break.

As expected Nintendo revealed real life, full size Mario Karts from Mario Kart 7. They revealed 2 models, one bumblebee Luigi Kart and one basic unit Mario. Currently Los Angeles residents can head by the convention center between now and November 27th. You'll be able to take photos with the karts and also have an opportunity to play Mario Kart 7 before it's December 4th release. Also, GameStop PowerUp Rewards has made this it's epic giveaway, giving you the chance to win one. The full press release and pictures after the break.
We got a good game in today's download. Kirby’s Adventure in full 3D... there is also a new trailer on the game that I posted further below.

This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop
3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure™ – 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure invites you to explore the world of Dream Land in a whole new way. The landscape comes to life as Kirby crosses land, sea and sky in his quest to restore the Star Rod. (For Nintendo 3DS™)

Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare™
Escape Trick: Convenience Store – When our main character tries to leave the convenience store where he works, he finds that the door won’t open and the store looks somehow different. Who would lock him in here? Can he get out of this place? (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo DSi™)

Pinocchio’s Puzzle – Solve increasingly difficult puzzles as you progress through the classic tale of Pinocchio. In addition to developing sensory skills and hand-eye coordination, you’ll enjoy an endearing and enchanting story told puzzle by puzzle. (For Wii™)

Also new this week:
• The Legend of Zelda Great Fairy’s Fountain Theme (Nintendo Video™)
• Play and Learn Chinese (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare)

New details listed below on the Community and as well as the info on the two Battle Modes.

- Download Play support
- Local/online matches
- Create custom communities with specific parameters
- Share communities with others
- Can’t electively turn on/off whatever item you choose and adjust their frequency
- Start with one long list of different items, characters, kart paths
- Then choose one of these as a specification
- Can have a green shell only race or a Luigi only race or a standard kart frame race
- Can’t specify more than one option at a time (making matches such as a no Blue Shell, mushroom wheel race impossible)
- Balloon Battle: pop as many opponent balloons as possible within the time limit
- How many balloons you lose has little impact
- Coins Battles are timed as well
- Collect as many coins as possible while hitting your opponents’ vehicles to get them to lose their coins
- Six Battle Mode courses: Battle Course 1 from Mario Kart Super Circuit, Big Donut from Mario Kart 64 and Palm Shore from Mario Kart DS, Honeybee Hive, Sherbet Rink and WuHu Town as well
- Mirror Flip races and other community settings included
- Mirror Flip flips the course you’re racing on


During a Nintendo retailer briefing event today Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata told attendees that Raid Mode which supports online co-op play and gives you access to characters like Jessica and Obrian won’t be unlocked until you complete the main game. Kawata also revealed that the game’s single player mode is roughly ten hours long.

During a Nintendo event early today Resident Evil: Revelations producer Masachika Kawata told everyone that the new Raid Mode which is online co-op  and gives you new characters to play as, such as Jessica and Obrian, wont be unlocked until the 10 hour single story mode is comp
Here are some of the pictures Nintendo has posted on their Facebook page so far from the show. Reggie is currently at the show answering questions from fans... stay tuned for information as it comes in.

Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto- is turning the age of 59 today! Just in case our readers didn't know he is the genius the created Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Nintendogs, and many many more. So from us to him 
Japans Famitsu is reporting that there will be new details are coming in their new issue. They will be talking about the games new worlds. The issue hits store shelves on the 24th but usually leaks come as soon as next Tuesday.
Those trolls released a statement today telling everyone that it was just a joke to get everyone's attention. Personally they got my attention... i already did like PETA that much. But once they went after Mario they crossed the line with many gamers. I for one think that they realized how dumb all of their accusations  where. Here is the official statement.

Mario fans: Relax! PETA’s game was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, a fun way to call attention to a serious issue, that raccoon dogs are skinned alive for their fur. We wish real-life tanukis could fly or swat enemies away with their tails and escape from those who profit from their skins. You can help them by never buying real fur.

What are your thoughts on the whole ordeal
Sorry about the footage but i found this video trailer. Who is getting this?

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