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The starts  tonight June 21 at 9 p.m. PT / June 22 at 12 a.m. ET.
Reggie has confirmed this through the Official Facebook site:

"Regginator here. We’re bringing you a new Nintendo Direct at 9pm PT/midnight ET right here. We’ll share new information about Nintendo 3DS and Wii. Be sure to check it out!"

Any new updates will be uploaded here as well as any new trailers or videos.

Nintendo has filed a patent that would allow you to control the contents of the top screen of the 3DS with the stylus, but without a physical connection between the two. this would involve the front-facing camera on the 3DS. It would detect a “marker” at the tip of the stylus, allowing it to essentially:

"…calculate the marker’s position in 3D space based on its size and position, using that information to manipulate an item on the top screen."

The patent also shows that the concept stylus would have a vibration functionality. This basically allows you to feel the objects  on the top screen that you are interacting with, think of it as a rumble pack for the 64 controller. but for now remember these are just concepts and they may never see the light. 

Kotaku is reporting that Amazon Japan hasn’t got any 3DS consoles for sale, starting rumors that Nintendo is planning to introduce a revised edition of the 3DS at E3.If everyone remembers several months ago we had these rumors sparked up thanks to the circle pad accessory. At this point it is nothing but a rumor... but Nintendo has always been know for releasing different version of their portables. Such as when the Gameboy came out we got a Gameboy Pocket then Gameboy Color. From there we got the Gameboy Advance followed by the Gameboy SP and Micro. We then got the DS followed by the DS Lite and XL. So we may be getting a 3DS Lite or XL for all we know. In 5 days we will find out the truth.

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