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Currently I am dedicating my news over to my new home, hopefully permanent. I'm currently under probation with the site but decided to go over due to the dedication of the current staff and huge potentials the site has to offer. So for all the latest news visit the site!  The site is more of ALL geek website. Tech, games, anime ect. If you became a fan of my news and articles feel free to view my post over on the site. All Nintendo News will be available here. If it doesn't work out over there please rest assured that this site will keep going. Unfortunately its too much keeping up with two, especially when I was managing this one myself. The brand will stay in place Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes Facebook page will remain and is not going any where. Same goes for the YouTube page we currently have. For all those who are planning to get a Wii U, I also started a page for friend add on's. I have two, but because we are still a little in the dark  about how the friend code for the Wii U system works I will wait until we find out more about it before promoting the page. For those who don't mind joining both. We have Wii U Friend Codes and Wii U Friends. Thanks again everyone for your support. 
The image above was recently uploaded to Burger King's website. It looks as Nintendo will be partnering up with Burger King to bring some toys. They are known for providing Pokemon toys and cards to consumers. 

No word on exactly what Nintendo and Burger King have planned for their joint event, but many people think that this may have something to do with NFC that will work with the NFC located withing the Wii U Gamepad.  

Source, Burger King
As expected, GameStop online is no longer accepting pre orders on the Wii U. When GameStop opens today I will call and ask if they are accepting preorders at the store. This will determine if the sell out is just online or across nationwide. Anybody in the east coast have any luck (since its later in the day over there currently.)
According to several media sources, apparently there may be a nationwide cap for GameStop pre orders. Nintendo apparently send a company wide set amount of Wii U's to GameStop higher ups. Once this "number" is hit GameStop management gets a call to stop pre ordering. The number at this point still remains a mystery.  80% of that number already sold yesterday, So that only left 20% for today. We can only see if anymore inventory will be left for tomorrow. Comment if you had problems pre ordering or if you already pre ordered your deluxe set. 
This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop
Fractured Soul – Fractured Soul is a classic side-scrolling platform game with a twist: It is played across both screens at once. Created by platform gamers for platform gamers, it literally adds a new dimension to this much-loved genre. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)

MYSTICAL NINJA starring GOEMON – In this classic game from 1998, join Goemon and his friends Ebisumaru and Sasuke as they battle to save ancient Japan from the clutches of an evil gang and rescue their fellow ninja, Yae. (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)

Nintendo Video
Watch for a Chance to Win – Watch this week’s episode of Dinosaur Office on Nintendo Video to enter for a chance to win a special episode of Dinosaur Office: The Remix! (For Nintendo 3DS / Nintendo 3DS XL)

Also new this week:
• Heavy Fire: Special Operations 3D (Nintendo eShop)
• BOOKSTORE DREAM (Nintendo eShop / Nintendo DSiWare)

With the Press Conference that took place today, several pieces of information on the Wii U is now available. Instead of looking all over the place I figure i would place it all in one GIANT post. After the break of course

Note: This is the Japanese box art as it stands
The new CoroCoro magazine has revealed that a brand new Pokenon Mystery Dungeon game is headed to Japan in Winter. The new game will be called: Magna Gate and The Maze of Infinity.

This is certainly exciting news for fans of Pokenon Mystery Dungeon games.
The latest issue of Game Informer reveals that purchases that were made on the Wii can be transferred over to the Wii U. The method is yet to be revealed. Certainly, this is exciting news for everyone that has spend several dollars on large libraries of  WiiWare and Virtual Console games. What the scan also shows is something obvious, the Wii U will play Wii games, but it will not play Gamecube games.
The Wii U release date and final details is fast approaching. I will be working tomorrow, but no worries John and I will be hard at work bringing the latest news from the press conference!

Anybody else excited to finally hear release date and pricing? Maybe new colors? New unannounced games?

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