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The latest issue of Game Informer reveals that purchases that were made on the Wii can be transferred over to the Wii U. The method is yet to be revealed. Certainly, this is exciting news for everyone that has spend several dollars on large libraries of  WiiWare and Virtual Console games. What the scan also shows is something obvious, the Wii U will play Wii games, but it will not play Gamecube games.
Game Informer will have a special edition of their magazine next month with a little bit more focus on the Wii U and some of its games.  They have now confirmed two new games, Metroid Blast and Balloon Trip Breeze! 

The gallery images below describe more details. Click the images to enlarge them and read on.
A recent interview with Scott Moffitt, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Nintendo, at ABC News has confirmed that digital downloads purchased on the Wii can be transferred over to Wii U. This must mean that all Virtual Console and WiiWare games can be directly transferred over the Wii U. The exact way on doing this is still a mystery. Scott briefly went over the Wii U’s account system, stating, “You will have an individual account based system. Each member of your family might have their own account.” In its report, ABC News said that there’s no brightness controls for the Wii U GamePad. This sounds a bit weird since earlier we heard that the Gamepad's battery life depends on how the brightness settings are set on the Gamepad itself. One thing that we can say for sure is that all Wii U consoles will be sold with a charging cradle. I can also assume at this point since we did see a USB port on the top that this may function also as a way of charging the Gamepad.
The main press conference tomorrow will focus on the Wii U. We might here a bit here and bit there about the 3DS. On the following day, June 6th, they will have an hour long software showcase a 6pm PST that will focus on the 3DS. Look at it as two Nintendo E3 Press Conferences. 
Here is another game announced for the Wii U from Ubisoft. 
This gave me chills. So excited for this game!

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