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Here are some scans/pictures of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards! There is some great things about scanning these cards in your game. You’ll get more hearts, and you’ll be able to add some virtual figures to your collection.I’m sure we’ll be seeing more card scans/photos pop up soon, but here’s the latest batch. Click here for the pictures!
4/10/2012 12:52:31 pm

This gets even more complex on the ground. Pit is an agile cat, able to pull off charged shots with the same ease you had in the air. But land combat also includes dashing (which itself has its own charged shots depending on which direction you go), grinding rails, bunny-hopping and camera control. The last one is the finicky bit. A lot of reviewers apparently can't wrap their heads around the touch screen being used to move the camera AND the aiming reticule with different motions, it's usually the dominant complaint in any review of the game so far. But while the control layout itself is abstract, it is by no means unusable. I kinda relate it to a similar "holy crap this is difficult" feeling you get playing rhythm games like Rock Band, where the input method itself works fine but it's the person playing who has to adapt. But this will differ for everyone, and just because I have yet to feel anything remotely painful enough to stop playing, doesn't mean you can show up and play the game flawlessly.


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