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The Official Nintendo Magazine featured Animal Crossing 3DS in its latest issue. The article contains a bunch of brand new details about the game, including new areas being added to the experience and StreetPass support.

- Add benches, street lamps, and more to make the villagers happier
- Secretary will help you out
- The secretary is a new character in the Animal Crossing series
- Secretary looks somewhat like a dog, is clumsy
- “chatting with her may be one of the game’s highlights”
- Secretary walks around with a clipboard sometimes
- She’ll point out town areas that look good or may need work
- Design every aspect of your house; even the design of the mailbox and type of color fencing
- Redesign the inside, too
- Can still buy/place/arrange furniture
- Not limited to particular furniture designs
- Take your furniture to a special upholsterer shop to have it recolored and redesigned
- Separate top and bottom outfit designs
- Layout of the village is “said to be a lot bigger this time than ever with many separate sections”
- Beach is a larger area that you walk down a cliffside path rather than just being a patch of sand
- Swim in the sea, walk barefoot across the sand
- Check the railroad and see what’s beyond them
- You’ll find The Mall past the rail tracks that has tons of shops and model homes
- The model homes are empty, but they’ll give you an area of how you can style your own home
- Each time you walk pass someone with StreetPass enabled, their own house will be added to the collection of model homes
- Tom Nook is in charge of the model homes
- Mystery island found near the beach

7/30/2012 03:21:51 pm

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Joseph Aidan

2/3/2013 03:47:21 am

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