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There has been rumors going around that a new Pokemon game was going to be announced. That game was announced earlier today. It did break hopes though, everyone thought that this would be a 3DS game or Pokemon Grey, Nope just a regular Nintendo DS game. The game is called Nobunaga’s Ambition X Pokémon and is a cross-over between Pokémon and the Nobunaga’s Ambition turn-based strategy series from Koei Tecmo. Thoughts everyone?
Jose Borunda
12/16/2011 09:42:22 am

Shame... there's even a chance that it won't be localized. And it's on DS... *sigh* At least make one for 3DS as well, but I guess...

Jesse Schultz
12/16/2011 03:28:15 pm

No, no pokemon for 3DS because 3DS is gay shit.

12/17/2011 12:18:03 am

ok the 3ds is AWSOME (you dont know what your talking about). And i just heard that pokepark 2 is coming out, i thought that was the big surprise?


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