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A new Iwata Asks for Super Mario 3D Land has gone live on the Japanese Nintendo site, and it’s full of brand new footage. I’ve compiled all of the clips into one video, which runs for almost eight minutes. The footage can found below.

First off, Luigi is indeed in the game. You can find some footage of Mario’s brother in action at the 6:20 mark.

Next, a feature of the Tanooki Suit has been confirmed. Like in Super Mario Bros. 3, you can turn into a statue when you’re wearing the suit. Enemies will be unable to attack you in this state. Skip to the two-minute-mark for the footage.

This video also shows Tanooki tails on Thwomps and Boos, StreetPass functionality in action, a portion of a Bowser fight, another look at the Boomerang Suit, and more.

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