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 Nintendo’s release schedule hasn’t changed much, but there are 3 Pokemon games on track for the U.S.
- 3DS sales post-Christmas have accelerated in Japan, but not overseas
- Next Smash Bros. games will be key in the U.S. and will have long-term demand
- 3DS has only 2, 3, 2 titles in top 20 in germany, france, spain respectively, 2 in UK
- Again: Wii U shipping in the U.S., Europe,  Japan, and Australia this year, with more details at E3. 
- Nintendo will not announce pricing information for Wii U at E3.  Price "sometime after E3" 
- 3DS standard title globally include Mario Kart etc, but also Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Kid Icarus, plus Pokemon titles on the DS will help.
- Mario Kart is a core title for the 3DS globally, but so are Monster Hunter and Fire Emblem according to Satoru Iwata
- 3DS launching in Korea tomorrow
- Nintendo planning to bring the 3DS to other countries as well
- New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be sold at retail or full download to an SD card
- “Digital buys will also include retail as place for payment and download, but said it does look complicated in demo"
- Because game life is getting shorter, retails carry fewer games
- Digital downloads will help retailers since the inventory risk will be reduced
- Retailers will sell titles digitally, so there won’t be a big pricing different in packaged/digital releases
- Downloading retail games digitally will be available for Wii U’s launch
- Digital packaged release prices will be set by retailers and not Nintendo
- Nintendo is focused on improving quality and having long-term relationships with customers
- “Overall focused on improving quality, and having long term relationship with customers, hopeful digital will long term +ve”
- Nintendo wants to find the Wii Sports equivalent for Wii U
- Regarding concerns that downloading games will take too long, consumers can purchase these titles directly or download them late at night
- “WiiU – will need to consider social game play, cannot say more”
- Nintendo not commenting on wholesale price to retail for digital vs. packaged software 

3DS users also soon can visit retail outlets or the retailers’ online shopping sites, look for products of interest, make a purchase decision and actually pay for the product there.  The retailers then can issue the 16-digit software exchange code. As you can see on the video below, consumers can enter the 16-digit code at the Nintendo eShop to download the software. 


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