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Kotaku's Stephen Totilo get's some hands on time with the so far presented games. 1st up is Luigi's Ghost Mansion. The mini game is 5 player game. The holder of the Wii U Gamepad controls the ghost. The other players are the ghost hunters. The ghost's objective is to disable as many as the other players as possible by scaring to the point of fainting. Once one of the player faints, the other ghost hunters can come and wake him back up. This though does leave the player open to an attack from the ghost. The ghost hunters shine their flash light in order to expose the ghost. It's also good to note that when the ghost does get near a ghost hunter the controller of the ghost hunter vibrates to warn him or her. There is lightning from time to time that does expose the ghost to give the hunters a clue. This is a great party game and look very entertaining. 

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