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Kotaku's Stephen Totilo get's some hands on time with the so far presented games.  Now for our 3rd mini game presentation in the Wii U's launch title Nintendo Land we have Takamaru's Ninja Castle. Very simple concept to this game, this is a target shooting game. The Wii U Gamepad will used as a controller, rather than a screen like the other games. Use your finger to swipe the Ninja star using the Gamepad to point. The speed and vigor of your swipe also determines how the star will move in the actual game. The Gamepad can be tilted and the stars will be tilted on the screen as well. Pressing right on the D-Pad will re-sync the Gamepad on the screen, kind of like Motion sensor for Skyward Sword. You get three heard containers and must avoide getting hit by the other Ninjas. Simple one player game, looks fun as well. 

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