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Ok so first I want to say that this has not been confirmed in North America, so far only the UK. This Article was found at MyNintendoNews.

"Nintendo 3DS owners will from today be able to swap and collect a specific collection of virtual cards featuring some of their favourite characters when a free Virtual Card Album launches for Nintendo 3DS today. Some cards for this Virtual Card Album are available in 3D and others will feature brand new artwork, meaning that Nintendo fans will have lots of reasons to try and collect them all.

To kick off your collection simply visit the Nintendo eShop to get the free Card Pack, featuring the Virtual Card Album and 5 virtual cards. The collection will feature well known characters such as Mario and Sonic, to name a few. Further virtual cards will be distributed regularly via SpotPass meaning that you will in no time have plenty of cards in your Virtual Card Album to begin collecting and swapping with friends.

It is possible to have multiples of the same cards so make sure you know which cards your friends need so that you can swap your duplicates for any you need to help complete your virtual collection. Swaps take place via StreetPass and through a Local Connection with your friends, you can allocate which of your collection you want to swap and once you agree to a trade it will happen automatically.

Some cards are rarer than others and there are various ways to get the rarest cards for your collection beyond simply swapping them with your friends. If you want to unlock the rarest cards, then ensure to take your Nintendo 3DS around with you while you’re out and about. By walking around with your Nintendo 3DS in Sleep Mode you can earn up to 10 Play Coins every day, these can then be exchanged on rare cards for your collection.

Similarly, some rare cards will become available by visiting designated locations and events so make sure you keep an eye out for announcements as to their whereabouts and that you have your Nintendo 3DS to hand when on the move.

To start this specific virtual card collection and trade cards with your friends, download the Virtual Card Album from the Nintendo eShop from today. For information on this Virtual Card Album and other Nintendo 3DS games and features please check here."

When i click the link i can't find or see any info on this.

7/15/2012 01:33:40 pm

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