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Nintendo 3DS ambassadors, your reign of terror is over. Your friends and the Internet at large will no longer have to put up with your (and my) taunts that you have exclusive access to old games on your handheld. The Legend of Zelda is already available in the Japanese eShop and Super Mario Bros. will hit the digital store Jan. 5. These two titles were part of the first batch of free games for folks who bought Nintendo’s newest handheld before the price drop.

The official word from the Big N regarding the recently released GBA titles is still that, as a token of appreciation for ambassadors, they’ll never be sold. But you never know. After all, Nintendo could only stand to not make money on these games since all the work of porting them has been done.

The other eight NES titles are said to be on the way, so look forward to Metroid, Balloon Fight and a slew of other 8-bit classics to hit the Nintendo 3DS in the coming months. Zelda and Mario are available in Japan for ¥500 so I’d expect these games to be $5 in the U.S.

12/30/2011 12:17:42 pm

Cool and when in AUSTRALIA?


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