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Nintendo is holding their typical investors meeting following their quarterly earnings report that the company posted last night. Our usual source for information, David Gibson, is attending the event and has been sending out live tweets.

We’re posting details from the meeting below. Keep checking back, as this post will be continuously updated until it’s finished.

- Spirit Camera hasn’t sold well in Japan thus far
- Iwata and Miyamoto are at the meeting
- Iwata feels responsible for revising down Nintendo’s financial forecast 3 quarters in a row
- 3DS sales are still strong in the U.S. after Christmas
- The fact that the Wii is declining isn’t unique to Nintendo; The PS3/360 are down year-over-year in Japan as well
- This will be the worst year financially, Nintendo thinks they’ll be able to break even on the 3DS hardware
- 200 titles coming to 3DS
- 60% of 3DS users have connected to the Internet
- Nintendo wants to expand digital offerings, but its in an infant stage currently
- Wii U will arrive before Christmas
- Nintendo are preparing appropriate titles for Wii U’s launch
- Wii U will have near field communication (NFC)
- NFC will be planned internationally
- DLC still planned
- Nintendo needs more time to do more feasibility studies on market/needs for DLC
- Wii U to have an individual account system rather than previous per hardware
- More Internet/digital news in the future
- Digital will include users to user communications and sharing.
- Some release date exposed check the pictures below for more info
- Nintendo has built a “pillar” for digital content and can now takes risks 
- Nintendo not decline 3rd parties if they want to offer item billing 

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