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Video recording

- Video camera icon will be added to the camera app after you update
- At least three shooting modes
- Interval: leave a space between shooting
- Frame Shooting (not official English name): make stop motion movies
- Good Spot Shooting (not official English name): choose when to shoot and stop shooting
- 10 minutes of recording confirmed
- No mention of YouTube support
- Nikkei may have indicated that you can upload videos to YouTube after you transfer them to your PC

StreetPass Mii Plaza

- Will be able to see the origin of your StreetPass counterparts on a map
- When you encounter someone from a new part of the country, that person’s region will be colored on the map
- Iwata said players might be interested in covering the full map
- New panels for Puzzle Swap mini-game
- StreetPass Quest 2 includes forking maps


- Improved eShop interface
- Transfer software to other 3DS systems

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