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Stickers are everywhere. Have to look everywhere for them. They are your main essential for battling. Turn based battle system of course. Album pages of stickers can be stored, use L and R to scroll through album. Y button freezes area then add stickers to unlock area. example shown was a Toad Garden that was blown away then added fire flower stickers  to the field. once this was done you get more stickers and extras. such exp and +5 health or other. Like other Paper Mario games always look at every corner and cranny. Collect real life items such as Fan once collected you can take it to a shop in town to a Toad that will convert the item into a sticker, once that's done you can use the stickers to unlock things. example fan collected. Windmill with no wind found use sticker to rotate windmill that unlocks the windmill for access. Game makes you think outside of box. Use coins for power spinner in case you run of stickers to get more stickers. Launches this holiday season. Trailer out in eShop Now.
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