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So here is what we know is on the pages:

Talks about White Kyurem’s attacks, it also talks about the secret of the frozen map.(?) Caption reads “What happened here?”. This takes place 2 years after Black and White. Then we have part 3 that states new pokemon will be in Unova meaning the "old" Pokemon will be included.

IF you havent noticed there is new characters. The new thing you will notice about them is that they are more mature and sporty looking then that of the past characters. Of course you can choose from Male or Female. More new characters! Blue haired character is your rival and is from Hiougi City. His caption is “I’m gonna get mad now!” A new mysterious researcher named Akuroma! He’s studying about the strength of Pokemon. There’s a new gym leader named Homika (guitar player) and she is the “Master of Poison”. She will also appear in the anime on June 14th! Shizui is a new gym leader as well specializing in water types! 

This adventure will begin from Hiougi CityIt is southwest of Unova. It is a very "hilly" location. Male character is standing in front of his house. Hiougi has a PokeCenter and trainer’s school!  Unova has many new facilities. Caption by golden building says “What do the blue and red objects mean? Looks fun!”  Under that screenshot, on the road, the caption says “There are many stores! What can you buy?” Next screenshot is a glass-encased road underwater. Appears the preorder bonus is shown, could be a poster?

To recap everything:
- Takes place in Unova
- Events begin two years after Black/White
- Unova is partially frozen
- 300 Pokemon in Unova
- New areas such as Hiougi City
- Game begins in Hiougi City
- Gym leader Homika (will be in the animate) focuses on Poison
- Gym leader Shizui focuses on Water
- Spiky-hair trainer is the rival
- New researcher, Akuroma, who researches Pokémon Strength
- Hiougi City contains a Pokémon Centre and a Trainer School
- Shops, underwater tunnels with clear glass (mantines flowing overhead), building with blue and red statues
- Black Kyurem has the Freeze Shock move at its disposal
- White Kyurem has the Ice Burn move at its disposal
- New/old Pokemon in the Unova Pokedex
- Psyduck is #26, Riolu is #33, Metagross is #254 in the Pokedex 

Many thanks to pokejungle and serebii.net for all this info!

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