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We heard that Nintendo will be at the LA Auto Show, but we’re not sure why. The reason is still a mystery, but it has been confirmed that Reggie Fils-Aime will hosting the planned presentation there, and that Nintendo will be collaborating on something with West Coast Customs (the stars of Pimp My Ride). It’d be odd if this wasn’t related to Mario Kart 7, but what exactly do you reckon it could be?

You heard earlier here that Nintendo is going to be at the LA Auto Show, but the question that remained on everyone's mind was.... why? At this point nobody know, but we definatly now know that Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo will be hosting a presentation at the Auto Show. It has also been confirmed that Nintendo and West Coast Customs will be teaming up. We speculated last year that Nintendo + cars = Mario Kart. But we all know that Nintendo is capable of many things. Remember that West Coast customs was a popular TV show on MTV that was hosted by rapper Xzibit. The show involved people that had beat up cars that were "pimped out" by 
3/24/2012 10:25:23 am

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