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Junichi Masuda, has been directing the Pokemon RPGs for quite awhile. So when Masuda says something about Pokemon, it usually makes sense to pay attention.

Recently, Masuda was asked about the third game in the Black/White generation. He replied by saying that fans should watch Pokemon Smash.

He said:

“Well, there’s no reason to expect me to know that [about a third version] [crowd laughs] but I can’t answer. But…but… I wonder if it’s alright to say this….watch Pokemon Smash…if you want details”

That’s not all. Masuda posted the following to his Twitter account yesterday:

“Don’t forget to watch next week’s Pokemon Smash!!!! For people who can’t watch it, check out my tweets!!!”

What does this mean? Is Grey coming soon?

2/20/2012 10:26:06 am

Pokemon Grey for the 3ds is gonna be the best!!! :D


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