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Here is what we know about them so far:

Pokemon AR Searcher

- AR shooting game
- Bring over Pokemon you catch to Pokemon Black/White 2
- Releasing on June 23
- 300 yen

Pokemon Zenkoku Zukan Pro

- Updated version of Pokemon Rittai Zukan BW
- Out in July
- 1,500 yen
- This serves as a replacement for Rittai Zukan BW
- The old app will be removed from the eShop on June 17
- Still will receive SpotPass updates for the older app through the end of 2012

Nintendo Of America has revealed that this is the same release date for North America. Pretty Sure that this will be the same for Europe.
more picture available below. 
below is another picture
A new card game... lets see if this game makes it over seas. more info to come
more info here when available 
Update: Video Footage here

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