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Currently I am dedicating my news over to my new home, hopefully permanent. I'm currently under probation with the site but decided to go over due to the dedication of the current staff and huge potentials the site has to offer. So for all the latest news visit the site!  The site is more of ALL geek website. Tech, games, anime ect. If you became a fan of my news and articles feel free to view my post over on the site. All Nintendo News will be available here. If it doesn't work out over there please rest assured that this site will keep going. Unfortunately its too much keeping up with two, especially when I was managing this one myself. The brand will stay in place Nintendo 3DS Friend Codes Facebook page will remain and is not going any where. Same goes for the YouTube page we currently have. For all those who are planning to get a Wii U, I also started a page for friend add on's. I have two, but because we are still a little in the dark  about how the friend code for the Wii U system works I will wait until we find out more about it before promoting the page. For those who don't mind joining both. We have Wii U Friend Codes and Wii U Friends. Thanks again everyone for your support. 

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