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For Pokemon collectors, McDonald's is currently selling Pokemon toys with their happy meals. This is something I noticed today on my lunch break. That I'm aware of this is only available in North America.
With the release of Mega Man X2 on the Wii Virtual Console I feel like I should show everyone this awesome easter egg. Much like Ryu from Street Fighters Hadouken in Mega Man X, Mega Man X2 carries Ken's Shoryuken!

To get it, in the second sigma stage, there's a way to a path completely lined with spikes. And one bat.

You must get the bat to follow you around, repeatedly hitting you so that you can use your invulnerabillity time to walk over, air dash over, or climb though the spikes. Note that this means you have to go just at the right speed - get to far ahead of the bat, and it will fly away. Here is a video showing the way. If you find another way to get to it other than this please share!
Today i found something interesting while surfing apps... Another app has appeared in iTunes that Nintendo and Gamefreak won't be to happy with. App company creator LV1 made several posts over at different Apple related websites to market the new games. Games? Yup aside from this one they have a few other ones... FOR SHAME!!! 

Here is the description directly from iTunes: 
"Pocket Mainland, a piece of land which is inhabited by many magical monsters.They have various forms and superior abilities. The biggest dream of hunters is to find all the monsters and tame them. Having just graduated from Hunter Colleage, to fulfill your dream of becoming the strongest hunter,you come to the holy land for hunting,Meowmeow Village, with the cat servant and also full of hope. 

★Game Features★ 
1. Hundreds of cute monsters are waiting for you to tame them, including Charmander,Squirtle,Pikachu,Angel Polly,etc. 
2. Each monster has a corresponding set. Change different equipments, and role's figure will change.It must be fun to be wear a Squitle helmet and a Charmander armor and hold a lightning gun which can cast as much electricity current as Pikachu- thousands of volts.

PS:Download the game free of charge. Players who have already paid will receive a compensation of 6000 gold coins, worth $10 "


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