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Recently a email was send out to some users from Nintendo to inform users that one of the Zelda posters has a mistake on it (collectors item now). Because of this Nintendo is now sending a replacement poster. 

" Dear Club Nintendo Member, As you may have noticed, 1 of the posters in the Legend of Zelda 25thAnniversary Poster Set that we sent to you contained a minor flaw. On The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword poster, there is a design flaw on the outline of the loft wing, to the right of the sword. We apologize for the mistake and will be shipping a replacement poster to you the first week of February. You can expect to receive a confirmation email when the package is shipped. Again, we apologize for this error and we hope that you enjoy your new poster. Thanks again for your membership and loyalty. Sincerely, Club Nintendo"
Jenny smith
10/16/2014 07:45:03 am

Anyone know what smash bros poster with mistakes is worth?


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