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So finally after a few weeks of teasers, Namco Bandai, SEGA, and Capcom’s 3DS crossover has finally been revealed in the latest Famitsu. From what's being reported via nintendoeverything the name of the game is Project Cross Zone. Sinobi writes that a new trailer will be introduce to the public by the end of April. The list of characters below are listed below and are expected to be fighting together.

Here is what Sinobi states (take into mind this is a Google Translation): 

  As a joint project three companies Capcom, Sega, Namco Bandai 
was announced at the "Nintendo Direct" "project cross zone" 
simulation RPG popular characters to appear a total of three companies. 
The battle scene set pattern to be two people who basically. 
(Apparently there are exceptions in) [] Capcom Chara fought Ryu and Ken Masters (Street Fighter) X & Zero (Rockman) Demitri = Makishimofu & Dante (Devil May Cry Vampire) Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine ( Resident Evil) ] [character Sega racing Ichiro Ogami and Sakura Shinguji) Wars (Sakura & Pai Chen Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter) Kurt Irving & Riera-Maruserisu Battlefield (Valkyria Chronicles) silyl & Toma and Urara (Shining Force EXA & Space Channel 5) [Chara fought Namco Bandai] Zenger-Zonboruto OG) War (Super Robot rain dawn Ryo & Jin Kazama) Tekken ( KOS-MOS & T-Elos (Xenosaga) Yuri Lowell & ester (Tales of the Vu~esuperia) Kite & Black (. hack) Rose We thought it Why choose a character with high affinity and hard Nintendo participated in succession the character of the title has been deployed in other models As it turned out all together face seems to Dream Project that. Production of cut-in is fairly loud, fun this is actual footage. During the month of that of the public and become the first bullet promotional video. "Namco X Capcom": ■ PS2 on sale "with Namco x Capcom Special Soundtrack CD": ■ PS2 on sale , but I thought it would either be heard simulation, it has increased by one here seems to not positioned as a sequel. 

Here is what the character list is looking like so far that we know of"


Ryu & Ken Masters (Street Fighter)
X & Zero (Megaman)
Demitri and Dante (Darkstalkers and Devil May Cry)
Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine (Resident Evil)


Ichiro Ogami and Sakura Shinguji (Sakura Wars)
Akira Yuki Chen and Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter)
Kurt Irving & Riera Maruserisu (Valkyria Chronicles)
Cyrille & Toma and Urara (Shining Force EXA & Space Channel 5)

Namco Bandai

Sanger Somvold (Super Robot Wars)
Jin and Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken)
Kos-Mos and T-elos (Xenosaga)
Yuri Lowell & Estellise (Tales of Vesperia)
Kite and Black Rose (.Hack)
4/11/2012 01:50:48 am

4/11/2012 01:50:48 am


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