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New details listed below on the Community and as well as the info on the two Battle Modes.

- Download Play support
- Local/online matches
- Create custom communities with specific parameters
- Share communities with others
- Can’t electively turn on/off whatever item you choose and adjust their frequency
- Start with one long list of different items, characters, kart paths
- Then choose one of these as a specification
- Can have a green shell only race or a Luigi only race or a standard kart frame race
- Can’t specify more than one option at a time (making matches such as a no Blue Shell, mushroom wheel race impossible)
- Balloon Battle: pop as many opponent balloons as possible within the time limit
- How many balloons you lose has little impact
- Coins Battles are timed as well
- Collect as many coins as possible while hitting your opponents’ vehicles to get them to lose their coins
- Six Battle Mode courses: Battle Course 1 from Mario Kart Super Circuit, Big Donut from Mario Kart 64 and Palm Shore from Mario Kart DS, Honeybee Hive, Sherbet Rink and WuHu Town as well
- Mirror Flip races and other community settings included
- Mirror Flip flips the course you’re racing on


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