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Kotaku's Stephen Totilo get's some hands on time with the so far presented games. Ok, so we got the best for last. This is The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest. This is not an actual Zelda game. In this game you control Mii. 5 people play and use Skyward motion controls. The Gamepad holder is an Archer. Tilt the controller to move virtually in the actual game. You have the ability to use the left analog stick to move the camera instead of your actual body. Once you run out the arrows if you level out your Gamepad it refills your arrows. Get to the end of the level and work together to get to the end. You get hearts in the game the same way you would in a different Zelda game. Boss battle does happen at the end. I am most excited for this game personally. That concludes the so far announced games to Nintendo Land. There is 12 of them in total but Nintendo has only revealed 5 of them at this point. As soon as we get word of others we will let everyone know as well. 
7/15/2012 01:39:07 pm

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