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Nintendo has released a new update for Pokedex 3D. The following features are now available:

  • There’s now a pause button on each Pokemon’s main screen which you can normally unlock when you receive each individual species from a friend.
  • The musical note in AR Viewer which is normally unlocked when you have 30 stickers in your sticker book is available.
  • Then there’s the SD Card Background Feature which is unlocked when you have 50 stickers in your sticker book.
  • Then there’s three more AR Viewer features. Real Size Button in AR Viewer would normally be unlocked when you have 100 stickers in your sticker book. Same goes for Scale Slider.
  • You’d normally need 150 stickers to unlock the Stopwatch in AR Viewer but that is also available for everyone now.
Players can receive the update through the application itself. Simply click the “Update” button in the settings menu.

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